Go Slow at the Champion’s Simul

We had a new person doing the honours at the “Champion’s Simul”, a recent addition to the Horsham Chess Club calendar. Held the week following the AGM, it sees the previous season’s club champion take on all comers from the club in a simultaneous exhibition. Having attempted the feat myself on more than one occasion, I can vouch that it is both physically and mentally demanding!

This year’s reigning champion is Phil Stimpson, who achieved the all-play-all and knockout double. Unfortunately, he conducted the simul at a rather leisurely pace, which meant that by the cut-off point of five to eleven only 22 moves had been played. As a result, most of the games had to be adjudicated. I await confirmation of the final total, but as far as I am aware, he only lost one game, against Julie Denning, and picked up a decent selection of wins and draws in the other games.

My game against Phil was a rather dull draw, in contrast to our usual blood and thunder encounters. I give it below with some brief notes.

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