Blast from the Past: Portsmouth 1992

One of my favourite events for many years was the tournament played at Portsmouth Grammar School every February. I first entered the event in 1992 in my last year at school, but I really made a habit of it from 2000 to 2006, when I played in it every year.

My first time was memorable for it being both my first good performance in an adult event (2nd equal) and also the first tournament I had managed to go through undefeated.

After a slightly ropey start, with a fortunate draw in round one and a rather dull draw in round two, I won three games in a row, including one against a very young Simon Williams in round five. Unfortunately, I was unable to win in the last round and therefore snatch first prize, but it was still a satisfying tournament performance.

I give all the games below with notes. My play was erratic, and in some cases I lost the thread of the game for a while. However, I managed to avoid any really gross blunders, and there was plenty of good chess in there too.

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