Sussex League Division 1 2023-24: Horsham 1 – Hastings 1

Last night Horsham 1 drew away against Hastings 1. Anthony Higgs won, while Gavin Lock and Mark Broom drew. My game against John Sugden was the last to finish; unfortunately, by that point, he had a winning position, so I was unable to avoid defeat.

I was White and the game initially developed in my favour. Although I didn’t choose the most vigorous way to continue, I still retained Some advantage. However, I failed to deal properly with my opponent’s queenside play; first, I allowed him to equalise, then to gain first a small and then a decisive advantage. Despite my best efforts as we both ran very short of time, I was unable to find a way to wriggle out, and had to concede defeat.

I give the game below with some notes.

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