Horsham Club Championship 2023-24: Mansson – Page

Last night, I was playing Roy Page in the club championship. I managed to win, which took me into joint second behind the runaway leader, Phil Stimpson.

I was White and the game initially developed in a slightly unorthodox fashion, with Black adopting an accelerated version of the Queen’s Indian. After a serious of mistakes by both players, who struggled to get to grips with the position, the game settled down into a middlegame where White had a solid advantage. I was able to build up some pressure on the d6-pawn; my opponent looked first to create some counterplay on the kingside, then on the queenside. These both ended up backfiring: first, his premature …b5 break lost a pawn and open the a-file for my pieces to penetrated; then, his kingside proved to be vulnerable, and I was able to force victory with a series of forcing moves.

I give the game below with some notes.

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