Mid-Sussex League Division 1 2017-18: Horsham 1 – Brighton 2

Unfortunately, Horsham 1 were only able to draw against Brighton 2 last week. My game saw me playing Black against Anna Charpidou on board two. My opponent allowed me to create a large pawn centre, then managed to block it, but it turned out that my attack on the kingside was of far greatere consequence than hers on the queenside. I managed to break through and force mate.

I give the game below with some notes.

Charpidou, Anna – Mansson, James C, Mid-Sussex League (Division 1) Brighton II – Horsham 2018.01.25

1. b3 e5 2. Bb2 Nc6 3. g3?!

This is rather passive.

3. e3 is more usual and better, preparing Bb5 to put pressure on the e5 pawn.

3… d5 4. Bg2 f5!?

Black choses the most aggressive option.

4… Nf6 was safer and also good.

5. Nf3 Bd6 6. O-O Nf6 7. d4 e4 8. Ne5 Qe7 9. Nxc6?!

This seems dubious, swapping off a strong piece.

9. f4 seems more sensible, supporting the strong knight.

9… bxc6 10. c4 Qf7!

This is a nice duel-purpose move. Black not only meets the threat of c5, but also prepares to bring the queen to h5 or g6, supporting an attack.} 11. c5 Be7 12. b4 h5!

Black now has a strong attack.

13. Qa4 Bd7 14. h3?

This just weakens the kingside further.

14…h4 15. Nc3 Qg6 16. b5 hxg3 17. bxc6 gxf2+ 18. Rxf2 Be6 19. Kf1

19. Nb5 Rxh3 20. Nxc7+ Kf7 21. Nxa8 Qg3 wins.

19… Qg3

19… f4 intending 20. Rxf4 Bxh3 is also very strong.

20. Qb3 f4 21. Nb5 f3 22. exf3 Bxh3 23. Bxh3

23. Kg1 Be6 24. fxe4 Qh2+ 25. Kf1 O-O! and Black will follow up by moving the

23… Qxh3+ 24. Ke2 O-O!

Black finally castles, bringing both rooks into the game. White’s position is hopeless.

25. fxe4 Qh5+ 26. Kd3

26. Qf3 Ng4 wins.

26… Nxe4 27. Re2 Rf3+ 28. Re3 Rxe3+ 29. Kxe3 Bg5+

Or 29… Qh3+ 30. Ke2 Qg2+ 31. Ke1 Qd2+ 32. Kf1 Qf2#

30. Kd3 Qf3+ 31. Kc2 Qe2+ 32. Kb1 Nd2+ 0-1

Black wins the queen and will soon force mate, so White finally resigned.

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