Mid-Sussex League Division 1 2012-13: Horsham 1 – Horsham 2

As described in my blog post on the Horsham Chess Club website, Horsham 2 managed to cause an upset in the Mid-Sussex League last night by drawing against Horsham 1.

The crucial game turned out to be my encounter against Peter Harbott. Bizarrely, he decided to repeat the dubious opening that had seen him checkmated in 12 moves in an earlier encounter, but fortunately for him, he remembered to deviate rather than repeat the fatal blunder on move 10. None the less, his position soon transformed from a rotten one a pawn up to a rotten one a pawn down. However, having gone a pawn up, I then played a series of careless and indifferent moves, culminating in a serious blunder. When Peter found the correct response (18 Nb5!), my position was lost, and although I wriggled as hard as I could, I was unable to escape.

I give the game below with some notes.

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