Horsham Club Quickplay Knockout 2010-11: Mansson – Higgs

Last night I played a double header against Anthony Higgs, combining our Quickplay Knockout match and Horsham Club Championship game.

In the Quickplay Knockout match, Anthony took an early lead, winning with White in the first game, as I blundered into a knight fork in the endgame. However, I managed to strike back in game two, when his dubious Wing Gambit failed to yield sufficient compensation. We therefore went to sudden death. In a tense game, I came out on top; I gained an early advantage, but Anthony clawed things back, before a queen sacrifice turned things again in my favour. I therefore go forward to the semi-final, which causes me even more problems with finishing all my games!

I shall look at our Club Championship game in my next post.

Here are the games from the Quickplay Knockout match. Use the drop down menu above the chessboard to select a game.

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