Mid-Sussex League Knockout 2010-11: Horsham 1 – St Francis & Haywards Heath

Horsham have won the Mid-Sussex League Knockout once again! The two teams turned out to be pretty evenly matched on grading, so 3.5 was the winning margin for both sides. After Horsham went 2-0 up, the match always looked to be going their way, and so it proved. There was a little bit of controversy in Anthony’s game, as there was a dispute as to whether he had lost on time just before reaching the time control. This was finally resolved by the two players agreeing a draw. The final score was 4.5-1.5 in Horsham’s favour, so fortunately this dispute didn’t have an impact on the overall result.

I faced Feliks on board one for the first time in a few years. The great man described the game afterwards as “a load of octopus wank”, although that is perhaps a little harsh for what was actually quite an interesting battle. I give the game below with fairly detailed notes.

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