Horsham Club Championship 2016-17: Roberts – Mansson

I played my penultimate game in this year’s club championship a couple of Tuesdays ago. I was up against Dix Roberts, always a tough opponent, although he has been having a bad year so far. The opening was a hybrid between the English and King’s Indian. I gained an early initiative, but my opponent fought back and eventually we ended up in a complex but balanced endgame. There I took a risky decision, which paid off, as my opponent’s rook was trapped; I was a little fortunate as I got away with an inaccurate move that my opponent failed to exploit. To be fair, both players were very short of time at the end, with couple of minutes on the clock plus ten second increments per move. It was difficult under such circumstances to work everything out.

I give the game below with some notes:

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