Horsham Club Quickplay 2016-17: Blake – Mansson

The club Quickplay is a loosely organised event intended to provide extra chess for members who have completed their games in other competitions, or cannot arrange other games for a club night. There is no requirement for players to play everyone else; competitors play up to two games (one Black and one White) against other members who are interested. The winner is the player with the most points, irrespective of the number of games played.

Last week I didn’t have a game arranged, so Morgan Blake suggested we play a game in the event. The game was not especially remarkable, except for the end; I lost on time because, with a few minutes left, I became so engrossed in analysing the position that I exceeded the time limit without realising it! The final position seems in actual fact to be unclear, although I was facing some serious immediate threats that needed to be met.

I give the game below with some notes.

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