County Match (U180) 2014-15: Sussex – Warwickshire

Sussex were up against Warwickshire in their ECF stage quarter-final match. The match was not a happy experience for the Sussex team. We had a long journey to the match venue near Birmingham. Because of some delays, I (along with John Cannon and Paul Taylor) arrived late at the match, thus starting behind on the clocks. We then discovered that the team was two players short, which did not help matters either. The overall result was a crushing defeat for Sussex by the score 11.5-4.5.

The ultimate result of my game was a disappointing loss, as I blundered in time trouble. I manged to build up a strong position. However, because I started behind on the clock and also because I took more time that I really needed to over some moves, I was in significant time trouble. This forced me to move more quickly that I would have liked, and inevitably this meant that I played a series of poor moves, culminating in the aforementioned blunder.

I give the game below with some notes.

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