Horsham Club Championship 2014-15: Kington – Mansson

At the start of this month, I played my Horsham club championship game against Paul Kington. Paul has a reputation for being hard to beat, so I was pleased to score a victory against him, especially as I had the Black pieces.

The game reached a Tarrasch Defence with colours reversed after 10 moves. Paul then went wrong with an ill-advised exchange, and soon lost a pawn. However, it was difficult to convert on account of the opposite-coloured bishops and my opponent’s active rooks. None the less, I managed to gradually consolidate my position; then my opponent made a mistake by moving his bishop away from the a6-f1 diagonal, allowing me to launch an attack on f2 which won another pawn. I was then able to convert my advantage without too much trouble.

I give the game below with some notes.

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