County Match (U180) 2014-15: Sussex – Surrey

Three weeks ago I played in the Sussex U-180 team’s match against Surrey. We managed to score a fine 9.5-6.5 win and on a personal note I was pleased to record a win against Daniel Rosen, although I have to admit there was a degree of good fortune in this!

My game saw me making some unwise decisions early on, and I found myself in a bad position. Fortunately, the position was rather unusual and messy, which made it difficult for my opponent to find the correct path. As a result, I was able to wriggle out and reach an acceptable endgame. There, my opponent continued to press for a win, but this backfired and he was the one who found himself in a losing position. Although we were now in the quickplay finish, I was able to maintain my advantage, and faced with a catastrophic loss of material, my opponent eventually resigned.

I give the game below with some notes.

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