County Match (Open) 2023-24: Sussex – Worcestershire

Last Saturday, Sussex narrowly beat Worcestershire in the Quarter-Finals on the Minor Counties championship 8.5-7.5.

My game was a tough encounter against Joe Rastall as Black, which I lost in the end after a blunder in a tense position. The opening developed reasonably for me at first, but I then misjudged things somewhat; rather than simply maintaining material equality, I allowed my opponent to take a pawn at the cost of allowing opposite-coloured bishops. Both players made mistakes in what followed; finally, running short of time, I blundered, allowed a tactical blow that won my opponent a second pawn. I then should have switched to attempting to defend the position that would have resulted had I simply fallen in with my opponent’s combination; however, I tried to complicate things, but this simply saw me quickly go down in flames.

I give the game below with some notes.

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