4NCL Division 3 2011-12: e2e4.org.uk 2 – Guildford 3

Unlike the match on the previous day, our match against Guildford 3 was a much tighter affair, which we just managed to win 3.5-2.5. An amusing aspect of the line up, for me anyway, was that our opponents, Guildford 3, had two Horsham players in their line up (Phil Stimpson and Anthony Higgs), while my side featured two Hastings players (John Sugden and Richard Almond)! Phil and Anthony did well, with Phil defeating James Jackson on board two, and Anthony drawing with John Sugden on board four.

My game turned out to be a straightforward win, after my opponent’s blunder on move 18. If he had captured my knight at that point, there would have been plenty of play left in the position. As it was, he soon crumbled.

I give the game below with brief notes.

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