4NCL Division 2 2012-13: e2e4.org.uk 2 – Rhyfelwyr Essylwg 1

The e2e4.org.uk second team came down to earth with an almighty bump in the second round of the 4NCL. They lost their match against Rhyfelwyr Essylwg 1 by the same margin they beat Oxford 1 in the first round (5.5-2.5). Philip Bonafont and Richard Truman managed to win, while David Coates scored a creditable draw, but the rest of the team lost their games.

My game on board one against IM Richard Jones was a frustrating experience. Following an innocuous opening, I managed to exploit some over-ambitious (or perhaps simply poorly considered) play by my opponent to build up a substantial advantage. However, I allowed my advantage first to slip, and then I gave my opponents some unnecessary chances by weakening the king side. Then a slip in a tricky position allowed my opponent to penetrate my position with his queen and rook with what should have been a winning advantage. There was then a couple of further twists, as first my opponent allowed me to equalise, then I returned the favour after the time control, blundering and allowing a simple winning continuation.

I give the game below with some notes.

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