Update – Mid-Sussex League Division 1 2010-11: Horsham 1 – Hastings 1

In the two unfinished games from last Tuesday’s match, a draw was agreed on board four, while Horsham conceded defeat to Hastings on board five. This means that Hastings 1 win the match 3-2. As the Mid-Sussex League website puts it:

Looks like being an exciting finish to the season for Division 1.  While Horsham 1 look comfortable in top position and  1½ MP clear of any other team, when viewed at in terms of match points dropped Knoll Knights come out top having dropped just 1½ MP.  The first teams from Horsham, Brighton & Hove and Hastings & St Leonards are in joint second place just ½ a dropped MP behind.  Crowborough 1, despite their recent default, cannot be ruled out altogether either.

Horsham’s remaining matches are against Crowborough 1 and Brighton & Hove 2. We will have to win those, and hope that Knoll Knights (and the others, to a lesser extent) slip up.

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