Sussex League Division 1 2023-24: Horsham 1 – Lewes

Horsham 1 achieved a tough 2-2 draw away against Lewes last night. My game was adjourned with the score at 1.5-1.5 (one win each plus one draw); as it was a Q+P vs Q endgame, it was possible to quickly verify the correct result at home, which was a draw.

The game started with an unusual line, which obviously confused both players as they committed a series of inaccuracies. When the position settled down, White had what was objectively an advantage, but in practice, it turned out that Black’s kingside pressure eventually led to some errors and him gained equal chances. However, as Black ran short of time, he committed a tactical error and ended up, after further adventures, in what was a lost endgame. Fortunately for him, and for Horsham, he was able to extend his resistance to the cut off time, and by then his opponent had gone wrong and the position was a tablebase draw.

I give the game below with some notes.

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