Mid-Sussex League Division 1 2010-11: Horsham 1 – Knoll Knights

Horsham are on the brink of a narrow but important win against Knoll Knights in the top division of the Mid-Sussex League. In a dramatic match last night, they are currently tied 2-2, with one unfinished game that looks very much in their favour.

On board one, Gavin Lock was in big trouble against Donald Macfarlane, but his opponent had run himself very short of time, and blundered.

On board three, Phil Stimpson had a complicated game against Ian Kelly, where his (to my mind at least) over-ambitious play came perilously close to being refuted, but he managed a miraculous escape in an endgame with opposite-coloured bishops.

On board four, Dix Roberts was engaged as White in a sharp King’s Indian against Mike Nicholas, in which Mike came out on top.

The unfinished game on board five was typical Harbott fare, in that he found a way to keep his king in the centre, but his opponent did prevent him from grabbing a pawn early on. He was faced with an interesting sacrifice later, which he did accept, and he seems to have consolidated his material advantage, although we will have to wait and see on that point.

My game against John Bryant was rather quiet, with some early simplification, followed ultimately by the position becoming blocked up. It is give below with some brief notes.

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