Mid-Sussex League Division 1 2010-11: Horsham 1 – Hastings 1

Yesterday’s crucial Mid-Sussex League match between Horsham 1 and Hastings 1 remains in the balance. In the games decided so far, Gavin Lock beat Richard Almond on top board, I lost to Chris Howell on board two, and Phil Stimpson drew with Bernard Cafferty on board three. The two unfinished games are Dix Roberts’ game against Jerry Anstead, and Anthony Higgs’ against Paul Kelly.

My game against Chris Howell was a frustrating experience. I soon built up a very strong position, but didn’t push home my advantage as vigorously as I could. At the point I blundered the game away, I already felt that I had allowed my position to deteriorate to the extent that I was worse, but looking at it again in the cold light of day suggest that actually I was still doing well.


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