Mid-Sussex League Division 1 2010-11: Horsham 1 – Crowborough 1

The crucial match between Horsham 1 and Crowborough 1 was played on Tuesday night, and the current situation does not look good for Horsham. Dix Roberts and I drew our games against Robert Elliston and Gareth Anthony fairly quickly, while Gavin Lock lost a dramatic top board encounter against David Grant. The other two games were unfinished. Mike Forster looks like he is winning against Trevor Norton, but Phil Stimpson’s position in his game against Peter Kemp looks desperate (and he was lucky to make the time control).

My game against Gareth Anthony was a dull-looking draw, in which I played the Catalan as White, but allowed my opponent to free his position with …c5. In fact, I suspected that Black may well have the better chances in the final position, so I was quite happy to agree a draw when Black proposed one!


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