Mid-Sussex League Division 1 2010-11: Horsham 1 – Brighton 2

Horsham 1 played its last match in the Mid-Sussex League of the season yesterday, against Brighton 2 away. There were still a couple of games to resolve, but in the games that have finished, Gavin Lock drew with Nadya Somova, Anthony Higgs drew with Arthur der Silver, and I scored a win against Dona Strauss. Gavin was better for much of the game, but his advantage slipped away in the quickplay finish. In contrast, Anthony allowed his kingside to be smashed quite unnecessarily, and was happy to get a draw. Phil Stimpson’s position against Chris Lowe is completely winning, as far as we all can see, while although Dix Roberts is clearly better against Duncan Badham, the position may not be clear enough to win on adjudication.

My game against Dona Strauss is given below. She blundered a piece in the opening and never quite recovered. White had to work a little to untangle his position, but having shown due care and attention, the ultimate result was never in doubt.


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