McArthur Cup 2013-14: Horsham – Woodpushers

Unlike the last couple of years, Horsham was able to make some progress in the McArthur Cup on Tuesday night. They scored an easy win against Woodpushers in Hove. My game on board three against Julian Clark [not Clath as I originally wrote – see Anthony’s comment] was essentially decided early on, as my opponent dropped a couple of pawns and also allowed the exchange of queens.

I give my game below with some brief notes.

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3 Responses to McArthur Cup 2013-14: Horsham – Woodpushers

  1. Anthony Higgs says:

    It’s Clark rather than Clath… As a (very) occasional Albin player I reckon 5.Bf5 is a duffer, Morozevich’s 5.Nge7 is definitely the best treatment.

    • James Mansson says:

      Thanks for the correction regarding my opponent’s name. He wrote his name on my score sheet but somehow it looked like Clath not Clark! I’ll update the post.

      I agree that 5…Bf5 is not that great and that 5…Nge7 is better. I suppose my opponent was a little confused by 5 Nbd2, which is not so common; 5 g3 was the old main line, while 5 a3 is nowadays most popular and recommended in several books.

  2. James Mansson says:

    I left before all the games had been finished because I wanted to get home at a reasonable hour. Dix Roberts informed me at the county match on Saturday that we won 5.5-0.5, which was more or less our expected result based on our massive grading advantage.

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