Horsham Club Knockout 2023-24: Taylor – Mansson

Last night, I played Alex Taylor in the club knockout. As the game ended in a draw, we have to replay the fixture at a later date.

I was Black and the game started with 1 e4, rather than 1 b4, as Alex has played against me in some recent games. He chose the most dangerous line against my Classical Sicilian, the Rauzer Attack, but played it inaccurately, allowing me to equalize the position fairly easily. In a tense middlegame, the players gradually started to run short of time, when mutual errors were made. Towards the end, I had run into trouble, but due to the open nature of the position and the advantage of a bishop against knight, I was able to create sufficient problems for my opponent to bail out with perpetual check.

I give the game below with some notes.

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