Horsham Club Knockout 2016-17: Mansson – Roberts

While my win in the first round of the knockout was a fairly straightforward encounter, my second round match was a far tougher affair. I was White against Dix Roberts, with whom I have played many club games over the years.

The game started with a sharp line of the Sicilian Defence. By move 22, it was clear that Dix had the better of the position, so I decided to mix things up. At first this did not bear fruit, but then Dix allowed a powerful tactical shot that turned the game in my favour. However, I in turn did not find the best way to continue, and allowed the game to turn back to my opponent. We reached an endgame with me having two pawns against a piece; despite my best efforts, Dix was able to avoid the exchange of his last pawn and so secured the win.

I give the game below with some notes.

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