Horsham Club Knockout 2012-13: Mansson – Higgs

Last night saw the first round of the Club Knockout competition. This year everyone was playing using the Mid-Sussex League Knockout time control: 30 moves in 60 minutes, followed by the remaining moves in 30 minutes. I was paired against Anthony Higgs.

Our encounter was a complicated affair. Initially Anthony’s rather risky play seemed to have rebounded, as I was able to break in the centre with his king still in the middle. However, the position proved to be rather complex, as first I then Anthony missed good chances before the time control. The position just after move 30 was probably slightly in my favour, but a series of weak moves allowed Anthony to build pressure, before I finally cracked.

I give the game below with some notes.

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2 Responses to Horsham Club Knockout 2012-13: Mansson – Higgs

  1. Anthony Higgs says:

    Thanks for a highly entertaining game James. Astonishingly Fritz says White can draw in the final position although we both missed it at the time: 42.Kg1!! and if 42…Rxe5 43. Qg3! with a double pin leads to equality. 41…Qd8 is the right way to win as you point out.

    • James Mansson says:

      Thanks for the interesting comment. In the line you give, Houdini suggests 42…Rg4+ instead of 42…Rxe5, which it agrees leads to a draw. Then after 43 Kh2 Qd8 or 43 Kf1 Qd6 it believes Black is winning.

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