Horsham Club Championship 2012-13: Higgs – Mansson

My Rook game on Tuesday against Anthony Higgs sparked into life after a dull opening led into an equally dull endgame. A risky move by me, followed by a dubious one a few moves later, gave him the chance to land a strong tactical blow. However, he rejected the chance to win two pieces for a rook, and the game then soon fizzled out into a draw.

I give the game below with some notes.

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  1. Anthony Higgs says:

    Haha, tried to bore you into submission and it nearly worked! When playing 25.Rd7 I thought I was just winning the a7 pawn, and that the two connected passed pawns would be far more powerful than two pieces for the rook. Of course I missed that I would no longer be covering d3 after Rxa7 and then there is nothing better than equality. 26.b3?! Bb4! 27.Re4? Nb6 28.Rc7 Nd5 29.Rd7 Nf6 would have been a plausible and amusing way to go down, so I think the final move was right…

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