Horsham Club Championship 2011-12: Mansson – Roberts

Last night saw my final competitive game of 2011, as I took on Dix Roberts in the Rook. The game featured the main line of the Hedgehog System. Play followed the usual pattern, with White looking to expand and squeeze Black, and Black looking for opportunities to counter-attack. Following my aggressive move 20 f5!? Black responded badly and I soon had a chance to establish a big advantage. However, I failed to press it home, and what advantage I did have soon slipped away. I subsequently decided to sacrifice a pawn, and seemed to have some compensation, but with both players in time trouble, I over-pressed and my position went rapidly downhill. Unable to find a satisfactory move, I lost on time before making my 41st move.

I am still in a decent position in the Rook, with 4.5 out of 6, but this result opens the competition up a bit!

I give the game below with some brief notes.

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