Champion’s Simul 2014

Anthony Higgs was club champion last season, so he has the “pleasure” of taking on all comers at this season’s Champion’s Simul. The decision had been taken to restrict participation to a maximum of 20 opponents in order to ensure a timely finish, although as it happened, there were only 19. Anthony acquitted himself well, winning 12-7, and we were able to clear up in time to make the traditional post match trip to the Malt Shovel.

I was able to win my game against Anthony, although to be fair to him, it is tough taking on someone with a similar grade along with 18 other opponents! As he remarked afterwards, the opening we soon transposed into was a classic of junior chess. I managed to get on top fairly quickly as Anthony castled too soon, but he was probably right afterwards when he suggested that I didn’t press home my advantage vigerously enough, and it took a blunder by him, combined with a later mutual oversight, to see me home.

I give the game below with some notes.


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