Mid-Sussex League Division 1 2012-13: Horsham 1 – St Francis and Haywards Heath 1

Horsham 1’s match against St Francis and Haywards Heath 1 was finally resolved as a draw, after results were agreed in the unfinished games. A full account of the match can be found on the Horsham Chess Club website here.

My game as White against Feliks Kwiatkowski started with 12 moves of theory, as an English Opening transposed into a line of the Caro-Kann Defence. However, neither player seems to sure of the variation, given the amount of time spent reaching there. I should then have avoided the exchange of queens, but instead went into an endgame where Black, after arranging his pieces correctly, had a slight initiative. By move 30, both players were starting to run short of time, and a couple of weakening moves by White allowed Black some chances in the time scramble. However, he failed to make the most of them, and the position after move 42 was clearly a draw.

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