Horsham Club Quickplay Knockout 2023-24: Mansson – Page

Last night I played Roy Page in the second round of the Quickplay Knockout. After a couple of tough games, Roy emerged victorious, eliminating me from the competition.

In the first game, I managed to equalise pretty easily with Black against my opponent’s Giuoco Piano. I subsequently came under some pressure due to some inaccurate play as both players started to run really short of time, but I manage to create enough counterplay that my opponent decide to bail out with a repetition of the position.

In the second game, I gained a definite advantage as White, but then failed to exploit a weakening move by my opponent, instead allowing the the position to remain blocked. I subsequently lost my way in the resulting maneuvering, and my position collapsed as I ran really short of time.

I give the game below with some notes.

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