Horsham Club Quickplay Knockout 2011-12: Mansson – Forster (Part One)

Prior to the champion’s simul last night, Mike Forster and I attempted to play off the Quickplay Knockout Final that was still outstanding. However, as it turned out we won one game apiece in “normal time”, and didn’t have time to play any “sudden death” games before the start of the champion’s simul.

The first game saw Mike show some rustiness as he blundered a piece and resigned after only 15 moves with White. The second game saw me return the father, as a sharp game that started in my favour swung back to my opponent, before I blundered in a difficult position where I was very short of time.

I give both games below with some notes. I’ll cover my game in the champion’s simul (and the event as a whole) in my next post. Hopefully we’ll succeed in completing the final before the AGM next week.

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