Horsham Club Quickplay Knockout 2010-11: Mansson – Forster

I played the final of the Horsham Chess Club quickplay knockout last night against Mike Forster, and I emerged victorious 1.5-0.5.

As with all round of the competition, each match is played over two games, followed by sudden death, should the match be tied over these. The players draw lots to determine who has White in the first game, and reverse colours for the second. Should the match go to sudden death, they draw lots for colours, and then alternate should further games be required.

In each game, both players have 10 minutes to play all moves.

In the first game, Mike allowed a tactic that enabled me to win the exchange. Although he put up stout resistance, I was able to gradually work my way to a win.

The second game was a much wilder affair. It featured a line of the Najdorf that I have been looking at for Black recently. However, my opponent deviated from known theory on move 13, so both players were definitely on their own from that point! Looked at in the cold light of day, there were a number of mistakes on both sides, but there were some flashes of brilliance too, such as the surprising but strong 20…Be4! Ultimately, I took a draw in view on the match situation, rather than press for the win, especially as we were both running short of time.

I give the games below with more detailed notes for the second.

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