Horsham Club Championship 2021-22: Taylor – Mansson

My club championship game against Alex Taylor featured an intriguing endgame, where I had a queen against a bishop, but his pawns were all easily defended by his bishop, and moreover he had a protected passed pawn on the seventh rank that I constantly had to keep an eye on. I managed to win, but I am not at all sure it should have been won with best defence. See what you think!

The game itself started with events developing distinctly in my favour, as my opponent’s irregular White opening ended up giving him an inferior position. I missed some opportuntities to gain a more clear cut winning advantage, before play slipped into an endgame that looked drawn; then, however, my opponent gave me another chance. There were two routes that could be taken: one direct, one less so. I choose the more direct one, but the other seems more clearly winning. The route chosen led to the aforementioned endgame.

I give the game below with some notes.

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