Mid-Sussex League Division 1 2021-22: Horsham 1 – Worthing 1

Last night, Horsham 1 made a successful trip to Worthing to play Worthing’s first (and this year only) team.

My game was the first to finish, taking only 24 moves, but a fair amount of time, as I thought for a long time over my 12th move. This proved to be time well spent, as my opponent did not react in the best way, leading at once to a lost position. Although I missed a quicker win at one point, I never let go of my advantage; in the end, my opponent blundered, allowing me to either force mate or a decisive win of material, although his position was in any case lost.

Mark Broom won a wild game with the Black pieces against Dave Graham; he informed me afterwards that this was the first time he had managed to defeat Dave! Gavin Lock had a solid draw on board one, while Mike Forster, in the last game to finish, managed to finally grind down his opponent, who lost on time in a tricky rook and pawn endgame. This gave Horsham a resounding 3.5-0.5 win.

I give my game below with some notes.

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