Mid-Sussex League Division 1 2013-14: Horsham 1 – Brighton 1

Not long after their most recent McArthur Cup debacle against the same team, Horsham 1 faced Brighton 1 again in the Mid-Sussex League. The match was closer this time, but Horsham still lost 2-3.

I was up against Paul Batchelor. The first 20 moves went my way as I built up a strong position, but then I started to let things slip. As both players started to run short of time, I was facing a lost endgame, and so decided on a desperate piece sacrifice to eliminate as many of my opponents pawns as possible. By some miracle it worked, so by the time we reached the time control, the position looked as though it might be drawn; indeed, after some overnight analysis, my opponent conceded the draw.

I give the game below with some notes:

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