Mid-Sussex League Division 1 2011-12: Horsham 1 – Hastings 1

Horsham 1’s season concluded with its first away match against Hastings at Hastings Chess Club, rather than some other venue. There is still one game undecided (Dix Roberts against John Sugden), where the Horsham player is a pawn down in an endgame, although it seems like it might be tenable. In the other games, Gavin Lock beat Francis Rayner on top board (his opponent blundered a rook), I lost a sharp encounter against Richard Almond, Peter Harbott held out against Bernard Cafferty, and Paul Taylor scored a win against Alfredo Luaces. This gives Horsham a 2.5-1.5 lead, and therefore at least a draw in the match.

I give my game below with some notes. It was a frustrating encounter, as I had plenty of pressure for my sacrificed pawn for a long time in the game, but gradually let things slip.

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