Horsham Club Quickplay Knockout 2017-18: Mansson – Comley

My second round match was played on the same night as the first. I was up against Ian Comly and it was a tougher, tenser affair than the first. I managed to win 1.5-0.5, but not without some difficult moments.

I was White in the first game. The game fairly soon ended up in a balanced endgame. My opponent managed to gain some activity and started to press for a win. However, he was unable to make any real progress and as both players started to run out of time, he blundered a rook and soon resigned.

In game two, where I was Black, my opponent made a couple of poor moves in the opening and I soon built up a big advantage. However, I then first let it slip, and then blundered, giving my opponent the chance to establish a big advantage himself. Fortunately for me, he failed to take his chance and we ended up in a level endgame, which was soon agreed drawn.

I give the two games below with some notes.

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