Horsham Club Quickplay Knockout 2012-13: Mansson – Higgs

Last Tuesday I was successful in reaching in the semi-final of the Horsham Chess Club Quickplay Knockout. I won two matches, the first against Anthony Higgs, and the second against Mick Harris. I’ll look at the games from the first match in this post.

We tossed for colours, and I drew White for the first game and Black for the second.

The first game was a complex struggle, in which Black seemed to be doing well until he blundered a piece. However, at that point both players were very short of time, and White was unable to exploit his advantage; a draw was agreed with very little material left on the board. A subsequent examination of the game reveals that White missed two earlier chances to force a win.

The second game was rather one-sided, as White allowed Black to quickly build up a king-side attack, which he forced home to win material. White promptly resigned.

I give the games below with some brief notes.

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