Horsham Club Quickplay Knockout 2011-12: Mansson – Donnelly

I played Brian Donnelly in the third round of the Quickplay Knockout last Tuesday. A few years ago, when he was more active, I used to play Brian much more often, but these were the first games I had played against him for a while.

The first game of our match (two games of 10 minutes each, then sudden death) was a typically dramatic Sicilian. Following an unusual choice of sub-variation, Brian managed to get the upper hand, but as both players ran short of time, mutual blunders ensued, before he allowed me to deliver a snap mate.

The second game was something of a damp squib. Following an innocuous opening, Brian blundered badly, then resigned in reply to my response.

I am due to play Peter Harbott in the semi-final, which should prove an exciting match.

I give the games below with some notes.


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