Horsham Club Championship 2016-17: Pavlovic – Mansson

I made an early start to my club championship games this season, but because the game was adjourned and not completed until last Tuesday. I was up against Tim Pavlovic as Black. This time he did not play the King’s Gambit, apparently influence by a recent blog post (!), but instead played a form of the Colle, which was not especially effective. Although a slip by me gave him a chance to mix things up in his favour, he did not take the chance. Instead, he allowed me to head for an endgame where Black had a nagging edge; following a later mistake, his position was much worse. By the time he reached the time control, he was two pawns down. None the less, he decide to adjourn and play on, but there were no surprises in the second session, and I was able to secure the win without much drama.

I give the game below with some notes.

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