Horsham Club Championship 2015-16: Roberts – Mansson

I was able to get in one more club championship game before Christmas, this time against Dix Roberts. Ultimately, the result of the game was disappointing for me, as I achieved a winning position but was unable to push my advantage home.

The game started with a quiet “symmetrical” English, although the symmetry was soon broken as I adopted the aggressive “Botvinnik” set-up. I didn’t play the line as accurately as I might, however, and White did have the opportunity to get some advantage. However, he failed to take his chance, and the game then turned in my favour, as I was allowed to create a dangerous passed pawn. This should have proved decisive, but I let my advantage slip, and we reached a tricky endgame. Here Black was clearly the one pushing for the win, but I was unable to do so. There was some discussion in the pub afterwards as to whether Black could win, but no ultimate conclusion was reached.

I give the game below with some notes.

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