Horsham Club Championship 2011-12: Stimpson – Mansson

I finally finished my games in this year’s club championship last night, with a win over Phil Stimpson. Phil surprised me in the opening with an unusual 6th move, and initially has some uncomfortable pressure on my position. However, within a matter of moves this dissipated, leaving me with a comfortable endgame. Phil was now short of time, as he had spent alot thinking about the preceding moves. He made a couple of mistakes and was soon in a lost position, from which he was unable to escape.

The final result of the competition will not be clear until after the game between Dix Roberts and Chris Heath has been completed. If Dix wins, he is likely to become champion as it looks like he has the superior tiebreak. Otherwise, I am the new champion.

I give the game below with some notes.

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