Horsham Chess Club Championship 2022-23: Mansson – Comley

Last night I managed to win my game against Ian Comley in this year’s club championship. However, I had a big slice of good fortune as my blunder on move 30 was not noticed by either player.

The game started with Ian deciding to aim for the Grünfeld Defence, rather than his usual French or Dutch. I played an Anti-Grünfeld line, which led to a rather murky position. Both players committed inaccuracies as the assessment of the position shifted between equality and some advantage to me. Ian’s exchange sacrifice seemed to have worked, until he played what appeared to be a blunder on his 29th move. However, both players did not realize that Black in fact had a useful discovered check up his sleeve; this may have been due to the slightly non-standard arrangement of the pieces and also because both players were running short of time. This resulted in both players blundering on their 30th moves, with the net result that I had a winning position. I managed to wrap things up effectively in the next five moves.

I give the game below with some notes.

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