County Match (Open) 2013-14: Sussex – Middlesex

Last Saturday, I played for Sussex against Middlesex at Hassocks. In contrast to the first county match of the season, the result was better both for the team and for me personally. Sussex scored a fine 9.5-6.5, which could (as Dix Roberts observed) have been even better, as we missed some chances to score even more points.

One of the missed opportunities was in my game. I came very close to forcing checkmate, but I had run very short of time and decided to bail out with a draw, having missed the winning line.

The game was a complex struggle, where both of us missed chances, before my opponent slipped up approaching the time control, allowing me to achieve a winning position. Unfortunately, as I have already noted, I failed to push my advantage home, and the game ended in perpetual check.

I give the game below with some notes.

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