Blast from the Past: First BPCF Open Semi-Final Round Section

As a result of my success in my first Preliminary Round section in the BPCF Open, I qualified for a Semi-Final section, which eventually started in the following year. Here I faced much tougher opposition and my result indicated that I had to improve considerably to be able to progress further in the competition.

My four White games were against:

  • M.Ali
  • A.Butterworth
  • G.Crosss
  • G.Green

My four Black games were against:

  • R.Kennerley
  • R.Musgrave
  • G.Wilkinson
  • J.Young

My results with White were disasterous, as I lost all four games. My results with Black were rather better, as I scored two wins, one draw and one loss. Admittedly, this was more a reflection of the quality of the opposition I happened to play with either colour.

Looking at my opening choices, these reflected the evolution of my “over the board” repertoire at the time. I had only started to play chess seriously a couple of years earlier, and was gradually working out which openings suited me.

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