4NCL Division 3 2013-14: e2e4.org.uk 2 – Anglian Avengers 2

In round 10, I returned to the second team on board five. I managed to score a win over Ivan Myall as we swept into a 3-0 lead. I managed to establish a bind on my opponent’s position, but did not take the opportunity to open a second front. As a result, it was not clear that I would be able to break through, but he slipped up as he ran short of time, giving me my chance. The game ended in a somewhat bizarre fashion, as my opponent missed that I had forked his king and queen with my rook, and tried to deliver a check of his own! I had to point out that he was already in check so this was not possible.

The final score for the team was 4-2, as we secured two further draws and lost the other game. This left us well placed going into the final round, as the second team had drawn with Guildford in the previous round.

I give the game below with some notes.

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