4NCL Division 3 2010-11: e2e4.org.uk 2 – Hackney

Following on from their narrow win against the Braille Chess Association in Round 7, e2e4.org.uk 2 was faced with Hackney in Round 8 of the 4NCL. The match was very tight, with Alan Byron and John Garnett winning for e2e4.org.uk 2, and Michael Tasker and Pepe Vives for Hackney. Richard Almond and Dashiell Shaw drew, leaving everything down to my game with Nicholas Walker.

The game, with me playing Black, developed into a normal sort of Sicilian. After 18 moves, my opponent made a rash decision to grab a pawn which backfired. However, I never quite managed to consolidate my advantage, instead allowing my opponent to gain counterplay with his passed e-pawn. My opponent missed several chances himself, before finally reconciling himself to a draw. The match therefore ended 3-3.

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